Provincia de Buenos Aires Argentina
Racing Driver Juan Manuel Fangio 
A man. A name.
Five World Championships.
Twentyfour Grand Prix civtories.
A symbol. A legend.
For many, the greatest racing driver of all times. 
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                     He won his firts race at age 39. He made his debut in Eupore when he was 37- He signed his first professional contract with Alfa Romeo at 39. He also became world champion at 39. He retired at the age of 47 after winning five Formula 1 World Championships with:  
                            Alfa Romeo (1951), Mercedes Benz (1954-55), Lancia Ferrari (1956) y Maserati (1957)  
In 1986, fifty years had passed since he firts became a racing driver. He also celebrated the 35 th. anniversary of his first World Championship and the publication of his sixth book "When a man exceeds the myth".  
On November 22 of that same year, in Balcarce, Buenos Aires, his hometown, he inaugurated the Motor Racing Museum that bears his name.  
On July 1968, after making up his mind to retire from the tracks, he said: 
"If my campaings have served a purpose
and if by racing I was useful to my country,
time will tell.
My wish is that my actions may be useful to the young people.
Time will also answer that".

The Museum... is the answer

Five World ChampionsShips 
´51-Alfa Romeo