Provincia de Buenos Aires Argentina
Motor Racing Museum "Juan Manuel Fangio"
"To immortalize Fangio
in the Museum is a tribute
to all of who were inspired by his talent"
Alain Prost, Paris, November 1986.
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                     Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  
In a preferencial corner of the city of Balcarce, rises the Motor Racing Museum "Juan Manuel Fangio". It is located only a few block from the house where, on June 24, 1911, Fangio was born.  
"I believe that this Museum is a fair reward for somebody that achieved so much in motor racing"
Luigi Villoresi Balcarce, November 1986.

Inside the Museum 

    Once inside the museum, cars, prizes and medals motivate those 
    with a retentive memory to play with their own version of each 
    Formula 1 race, old TC victories, and even with the recollections 
    and anecdotes about the beginnings of a man now a legend.

         Behind the historical walls of Balcarce´s ancient town hall, an ambitious projects began to materialize. 
The building, constructed in 1906, was ideal for a museum concept; all the building´s interior space integrates exhibition themes throughout the different levels. Visitors can find a coffee shop, a fast food bar, a boutique, a library and all otrher necessary facilities. 

                               The small movie theater revives unforgettable images of Juan Manuel Fangio´s  amazing sports career, from his beginnings as a regional driver to his vitories as a world-famous and honored spotman, including the impressive South-American races where he started his successes. 

The Museum is open to the public everyday of the year as follows: 
Dec 15 - March 15: 10AM to 8PM 
March 15  - Dec 15: 11AM to 6PM. 
For more information call: 
Phone: 54 - 266 - 25540/ 25561/ 30758. Fax: 54 - 266 - 25561 
Information: Motor Racing Museum "Juan Manuel Fangio"